Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes PoaCart The Best Abandoned Cart App?

PoaCart focuses on bringing you more sales. That’s why you pay for the extra sales we make you. Our job is to recover the sales you lose through abandoned carts.

That’s also why we are not stopping with the features you see today. We continue to bring you more features that will make you more money:

  1. Facebook Messenger abandoned Cart Recovery tools
  2. Messenger Customer chat widget
  3. Messenger Thank you / Order confirmation message
  4. Messenger Fulfillment confirmation
  5. Abandoned Cart Emails
  6. Push NotificationsSoon
  7. SMS / Text notificationsSoon

Of course, you’ll have access to all features with no limitations as we continue to roll them out.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Over 2 billion people use Facebook every month. Facebook Messenger has an unbeatable over 85% open rate, and 50%+ click rate!

This means you’ll earn more money from your visitors than ever before. PoaCart took the what works best in email marketing and integrated it to Facebook Messenger. And in just a few clicks, you’ll integrate this power to your store and convert most of your visitors into buyers.

Use PoaCart’s cart recovery campaign messages with a discount coupon code to give them a reason to come back and complete the purchase before the coupon code expires.

What's a Facebook Messenger subscription list?

PoaCart provides tools that convert people who click the Add To Cart button into subscribers. We also provide tools that allow you to interact with your customers through Facebook Messenger.

Every person you interact with on PoaCart through Facebook Messenger will automatically be added to your subscription list. With this list, you’ll usually see an open rate of 85%+ and a click rate of 50%+. Your Messenger subscription list will become your most valuable list ever.

The subscription is easy as pie – your customer just needs to approve a check box, that’s it!. No email needed. Check out the screen shots.

Whenever you have a promotion, some new products, or some updates, you can send them messages through PoaCart’s Messenger Broadcast feature and make more money.Soon

My checkbox is not pre-checked by default. Can you help me get it pre-checked?


We will manually check your page to make sure your page is in compliance with Facebook’s guidelines. We will then apply for you for Facebook to make it checked by default.

How can I position the widget accurately on my product page?

Facebook requires that they “Send To Facebook” widget is positioned just below the Add To Cart button. There should be nothing else between the button and the widget. By default, we place this widget just below the Add To Cart button.

However, if you do need to re-position it, just use this code:

<div class=”poacart-messenger-widget”></div>

Who is the sender of these messages?

Your messages are sent by your Facebook page. During installation, you’ll be prompted to connect your Facebook page.

Can I customize the messages?


How many messages am I allowed to send?

In keeping with Facebook Policies, the PoaCart app will send the first message in 30 minutes, the second within 24 hours and the third within 48 hours. In all cases, they are only sent if they have not completed the purchase.

How do you track if messages have been opened?

Starting February 19, 2018, once you send a message to a visitor, Facebook allows us to track the message as “read” if the recipient replies to the message of clicks on the link in the message.

Facebook business page's Inbox does not show the messages being sent. Why?

You’ll only see the message threads when your visitor replies to a message.

Most people who see your automated messages will complete the purchase without replying.


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