An abandoned cart is created when an online shopper adds an item to their shopping cart, but they don’t complete the purchase.

For every $100 you make, you lose $400 through abandoned carts.

About 63% of abandoned carts can be recovered by savvy online retailers.

Of course, the first step in maximizing your sales is to make sure people do not abandon their carts in the first place.

The second step is to reach cart abandoners through their favorite media, and bring them back to complete the purchase.

As you are probably aware, PoaCart is the most comprehensive Shopify abandoned cart app, employing multiple effective technologies to recover abandoned carts.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Push notificationsSoon
  • Abandoned cart emails

Email was the first method used by online stores to recover abandoned carts. Email still plays a huge part in abandoned cart recovery. In fact most businesses rely on just email for this purpose.

Even though in this article we are focusing on abandoned cart emails in Shopify, these principles will drive your sales up and reduce abandoned carts to a trickle.

In this article, we’ll cover the best abandoned cart email strategies you can employ to sky-rocket the effectiveness of your abandoned cart campaigns.

These are the same strategies we employ at PoaCart in recovering abandoned carts.

The primary goal is to bring these cart abandoners back to your online store to complete their purchase.


Why use email to recover abandoned carts?

Shopping cart abandonment emails are personal, they are centered on converting abandoned carts to sales, and re-engage shoppers with a human touch.

As a result, they have a higher open rate and click-through rate compared to promotional emails.

At PoaCart, we have refined the art of abandoned cart emails to deliver the highest possible cart recovery rates.

So how do we do it?


PoaCart abandoned cart emails

Let’s look at how we use abandoned cart emails, and then we’ll break down what makes them so effective.

When you get PoaCart, it comes pre-loaded with 3 highly effective emails for recovering abandoned carts. These are emails we have tested and tweaked for 2 years in our stores.

And they continue to deliver thousands of dollars every week in recovered extra sales from abandoned carts.

Now you can use these abandoned cart email templates as they are, or you can customize to your needs.

Email #1:

Timing: Sent out 60 minutes after cart abandonment.

Timing is critical here. Most cart abandoners start to go cold after the first hour.  By reaching them within the hour, you reach them when their memory is still fresh.

This is when they are still in the “buying mode”.

If you make it worth their while, you can bring back most of them to complete the purchase.


Email #1 Subject:

Oops… Was there a problem checking out?”

Simple, effective, and it hints at solving any problems they had at checkout.

These subject lines have also been very effective for us:

“Complete your order. Here’s why…”

“I saved your cart for you. Plus some goodies…”


Notice how deceptively simple they are, but we have consistently got over 50% open rate with them.

The subject line is the first point of contact in an email – so it has to be friendly, non-aggressive, and something your customer can relate with.

Each of these subject lines prompts them open the email and read some more. Remember they just abandoned their shopping cart just an hour ago. Do you think they will want to find out more?



Email #1 content:

The first email always has the highest open rate, so choose this copy wisely.

In my experience, I have found that my conversion is much higher if I give them a discount in the first message.

A discount is a strong compelling reason for them to come back and complete the purchase.

Even though there’s a small percentage of “coupon hunters” who will deliberately wait until they get a discount from you, they are so few that you are still better off giving a discount in the first message.

  • Offer them a discount – expiring in 48 hours
  • Includes ordering F.A.Qs, Customer Service Phone number if you have one
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Here’s the copy of the email:


Abandoned Cart Email 1

Why is this email so effective?

Several reasons account for its success:

  • Offer to help – There must be a reason they abandoned their cart. Keep this channel of communication open. You’d be surprised how easy it is to to fix their objections and make more sales.
  • Discount coupon with urgency – The email offers them a discount. The 24 hour urgency works wonders. We tested 24 hours versus 48 hours and got about 15% more recovered sales by using 24 hours.
  • Money back guarantee – People like to know that they’ll not lose their money. A guarantee gives them the confidence to complete the purchase.

Email #2:

Timing: 24 hours.

Anything longer than 24 hours is too long.

And because at PoaCart we use multiple methods to reach cart abandoners, 24 hours is the best time to send the second message. The idea is to make sure they don’t receive an email, push notification and Facebook Messenger message all at the same time.

This means within the first 24 hours, they will receive one of each message, within a few hours of each other. This increases the effectiveness of abandoned cart recovery campaigns.


Email #2 Subject:

“Something you like is about to go up…”

“Your goodies are about to go up…”

“You are about to miss out on your favorite items…”

“Something you like is almost sold out!”

Here we are instilling a sense of urgency, and it works like magic.


Email #2 content:

Again, a sense of urgency here is super important.

If the email below looks a little pushy, it is. And it’s effective.

By now, the cart abandoner has moved from forgetting about their purchase, to warming up enough to make a 50/50 decision about buying.

By pushing a sense of urgency, you sway the odds significantly in your favor.

  • Definitely include a discount that expires soon
  • Items almost sold out
  • Offer free shipping
  • Price going up!
Abandoned Cart Email Template 2

What makes this email effective?

Again, we capitalize on the same factors:

  • Discount coupon with increased urgency – The coupon is about to expire. The time to take action is now. This will push those sitting on the fence to act fast!
  • Money back guarantee – Again, when they know their money is safe, they’ll buy.

Email #3:

Timing: 45 hours

There’s really little difference between 45 hours and 48 hours. We just like to make sure they don’t receive the emails at the same time as they receive Facebook Messenger notifications and Push notifications.

This email typically has the lowest open rate. Since this is your last chance, you can go ahead and fire all your remaining bullets.

Email #3 Subject:

“Some items you love go up today…”

“Last chance to get your items today!”

“Price goes up today!”


Email #3 content:

In this email we go all in with everything you’ve got to make this sale.

No holds barred, a sense of urgency is a must.

  • Coupon expires today
  • Price about to go up!
  • Running out of stock!
  • Your cart is about to expire along with the discount!

You get the point. The key here is to be direct and unique.

Offer them the last opportunity to get a great deal.

Abandoned Cart Email 3

What makes this email effective?

Again, we capitalize on the same factors:

  • Discount coupon with great urgency – The coupon expires TODAY. They must buy now or lose the discount!
  • Money back guarantee – A no-brainer…

What makes PoaCart abandoned cart emails so effective?

PoaCart abandoned cart emails are so effective because of several factors:


1: Effective abandoned cart email timing

Recency and timing are critical in abandoned cart campaigns.

The first email is within an hour. Subsequent emails are sent within 24 hours and 48 hours. This sequence is offers the highest chances of recovering abandoned carts.


2: Personalize each email

Personalization is critical to email success.

Each abandoned cart email contains a snapshot of their shopping cart. While it’s not always possible to personalize them using their names, this is enough to create personal familiarity.

And more sales.


3: Offer incentives and sense of urgency

Offering shopping cart abandoners a savings coupon that’s about to expire compels them to buy now.

When this is sent in a series of 3 emails, you drastically increase the chances of abandoned cart recovery.


4: Customer service approach

The emails contain a tone of customer service, offering to help answer any questions they may have for them to complete the purchase.

This approach of “Was there a problem?” or “How can we help?”  will generate sales for you.

Each PoaCart email is sent from the store email by default. Make sure you keep this mailbox deliverable.

Respond to all abandoned carts emails:
Make sure you can receive all replies to your abandoned cart emails.

Respond to the and address their needs, and watch your recovery of abandoned carts go up.


5: Offer a money-back guarantee

When you offer a guarantee in abandoned cart emails, they get an increased sense of comfort to complete the order.

This is a must for each email!

6: Deliver each email to the inbox

PoaCart partners with Sendgrid to deliver abandoned cart emails directly to each inbox.

The goal is for each email to land in their inbox with a message that does not look like an ad and one that triggers action.


7: Top notch tracking

Measuring the response of your campaigns and tracking your data is crucial to tweaking your campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

PoaCart provides you with a dashboard with data so well presented that you always have a clear snapshot of all your numbers.

8: Responsive emails

PoaCart emails are responsive, and render perfectly on all devices. The customer journey takes place across multiple devices.

Being able to reach them through any of their devices means you don’t lose any potential sales.

9: Effective email capture

If you don’t capture a buyers email address, you can’t recover abandoned carts through email.

Whenever they type their email anywhere – newsletter subscription, checkout page, or for any reason, PoaCart records that email and associates it with that buyer from that point on.

In other words, they don’t have to reach checkout for us to capture their email.

As long as they type their email somewhere on your store, we’ll capture it. And if they abandon their shopping carts, PoaCart will send them abandoned cart emails to bring them back and complete their purchase.


Install PoaCart On Shopify.




In order to recover abandoned shopping carts effectively, you must have a well optimized abandoned cart email campaigns.

The goal is to bring back cart as many abandoners as possible to complete their purchase and reduce cart abandonment rates as much as possible.

PoaCart is a Shopify abandoned cart app that combines abandoned cart emails with other effective technologies to deliver some of the highest abandoned cart recovery rates in the industry.

If you have not done so already, sign up for a free trial up to 28 days, and start recovering those abandoned carts starting immediately.

We are results-oriented, which is why you pay based on the actual $$$ in extra sales that we make for you.

Got any questions or comments? Please comment below.

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