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Facebook has officially ended the pre-checked status of the “Send to Messenger” checkbox. When a shopper checks this checkbox, they receive abandoned cart messages through Facebook Messenger. This converts most abandoned sales to completed sales.

Unchecked widget

Since shoppers were previously subscribed automatically to the abandoned cart messages, most abandoned sales used to be recovered automatically by default. This new change reduced Messenger opt-in rates for our merchants – and potentially recovering fewer abandoned sales with PoaCart.

So we got back to the drawing board to lift the opt-in rates and restore the lost revenue boost.

Our goal was simple – subscribe as many people as possible to your Messenger without compromising or decreasing conversion rates.

So we created better Messenger subscription tools.

We’ve been working hard since then and we’ve created excellent tools that will skyrocket your subscription rates.

Tool 1: Abandoned Cart Widget Image

You can now activate an image next to your widget. Shoppers will instantly notice the widget and check it.

How it works

When you activate the widget image, it appears next to the “Send to Messenger” widget. You can choose an animated or still image.

a) Animated Arrow

Image arrow

b) Animated Finger

Animated Finger

c) Red Animated Arrow

Animated Red Arrow

Activating the Widget Image

When you first install the app, the image is activated by default. To change the image or turn it off:

  1. Under “Messenger Notifications” dashboard, click the “Edit” button under “Messenger Widget“.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select an alternative image or select “None”, then click “Save & Exit”.


Tool 2: Add To Cart Popup

The Add to Cart pop-up subscribes shoppers when they are most likely to take action – when they click the Add to Cart button. It offers order updates on Messenger.

The shopper gets subscribed to your abandoned cart messages with a single click or tap.

The pop-up is activated only if they do not check the “Send to Messenger” widget.

How it works

Unlike other subscription tools that distract the shoppers’ buying journey (such as having to type their email), the ATC Popup catches their attention when they are most likely to do business with you.

In one mouse-click or tap, they can then:

  1. Tap “Get this in Messenger” button or Check the widget – ┬áthe shopper is then redirected to their shopping cart. If they don’t complete their order, they receive PoaCart abandoned cart messages – recovering abandoned sales. They also receive order updates through Messenger
  2. Close the popup or click the “No thanks” message – the shopper is redirected to their shopping cart to complete their purchase.

You have 5 image choices:

1) Phone


This button is the most effective – just a quick tap will subscribe your shoppers, and recover abandoned sales if they don’t complete their order.

You can also choose the regular checkbox:


2) Handshake Black

Handshake Black

3) Handshake Purple

Handshake Purple

4) Shipping


5) Shipping With Truck

Shipping With Truck

Activating Add To Cart Popup

The pop-up is activated by default when you install. If you need to, you can turn it off with a single click:

From your “Messenger Notifications” dashboard, click the “On” toggle button to off.

Popup Off

To edit the popup:

  1. Click the Popup “Edit” button
  2. Make your changes and click “Save & Exit” button

The results:

The Widget image and ATC Popup offer one of the best-converting growth tools on the market. We recommend you combine both for best results.

You can expect 75-90% Messenger opt-in rates from these tools – and recover most abandoned sales and increase sales.

Who should use these tools?

All “Send to Messenger” widgets are unchecked – which means everyone should use these tools.

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