Can I use PoaCart with other abandoned cart services?

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Poacart is designed to handle all your abandoned carts. We are working hard to roll out new features to capture all abandoned carts and make you extra sales.

Currently, PoaCart will help you recover abandoned carts through:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Abandoned Cart Emails [soon]
  • Push Notifications [soon]
  • SMS text messages [soon]

If you are using the app, be sure to subscribe to our upgrade notifications to be informed every time we release new features. Our goal is make PoaCart the only app you need to recover all your abandoned carts.

You can still use other abandoned cart services simultaneously if you need to supplement features that we don’t have yet. However you need to take the following into consideration:

  • Most abandoned cart services only capture users when they reach the checkout page – which means they miss out people who do not reach the checkout page. PoaCart has a higher conversion rate because it captures users when they click the Add to Cart button.
  • You could be sending duplicate messages to potential customers, thereby turning them off and killing sales in the process. Be sure you are not duplicating any messages for best results.

We designed PoaCart to go above and beyond what any of the other services do. Our goal is to rescue as many abandoned carts as possible, and deliver as many extra sales for you as possible.

We strongly suggest that you try out PoaCart and if it suits your needs, make it your all-in-one service for recovering your abandoned carts.

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