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Facebook requires that you comply with some simple rules when using the “Send to Messenger” widget. These guidelines are meant to make sure that you provide a good experience to your customers, and your Add to Cart Widget use is appropriate.

Check the position of the “Send to Messenger” widget

The “Send to Messenger” widget must be positioned directly below your primary add to cart button. No elements are allowed between the add to cart button and the widget.

ATC Button

So if you have other marketing elements like count-down timers, etc, these must be displayed below the widget.

PoaCart automatically loads the “Send to Messenger” widget below the Add to Cart button, but sometimes you might need to adjust its position.

To do this, use the following code snippet to position it:
<div class=”poacart-messenger-widget”></div>  

Let your customers know what they sign up for

Facebook requires you to provide a good experience for your customers. Letting them know why they are opting in is primary to this requirement.

PoaCart adds an informative text (explanation) below the  “Send to Messenger” widget. This textbox should be used for informing your customers what kind of notifications to expect when they sign up through the widget.

And yes, you can edit this text to suit your needs!

How many messages are allowed by Facebook?

Facebook allows you to send promotional messages to your subscribers within the first 24 hours.

They also allow you to send one follow-up message after the 24-hour period, that’s your third message.

In order to comply with these rules, the first 2 messages need to go out within the first 24 hours. The third message should go out within 48 hours.

Can I message my subscribers after 48 hours allowed by Facebook?


Facebook allows you to send messages that do not contain any promotional content to your subscribers at any time.

If someone has communicated to you in the last 24 hours, you are allowed to send them  a message that contains promotional content.

Our Broadcast Messenger featureSoon will enable you to send such messages – e.g. promotions, updates and sales.

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