How to get Facebook “Send to Messenger” checkbox pre-checked by default

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If you installed a Facebook “Send to Messenger” widget before October 5, 2017, by default Facebook made all the check boxes checked by default.

This means you inherited the “pre-checked status” by default.

Checked Send To Messenger Widget

If you installed it after October 5, 2017, then it’s may not be pre-checked by default. This means that once you install the PoaCart app, your checkbox might be unchecked.

Un-Checked Send To Messenger Widget

Obviously, you will get a lot more conversions if this checkbox is pre-checked by default. Unfortunately, as of September 21, 2018 Facebook has globally changed it’s Messenger policies regarding the pre-checked checkbox widget. App developers are no longer able to secure pre-check approval on behalf of Facebook Pages.

In the meantime, follow these steps:

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