How to re-position the Facebook “Send to Messenger” widget

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Facebook requirements

Facebook requires that they “Send To Facebook” widget is positioned just below the Add To Cart button. There should be nothing else between the button and the widget. By default, we place this widget just below the Add To Cart button.

Please refer to the Facebook “Send to Messenger” widget compliance list.

However, if you do need to re-position it, just use this code:
<div class="poacart-messenger-widget"></div>

So how can you re-position the widget?

1: Alignment:
From you dashboard, you can choose to have the widget aligned left or center.

2:  Theme gap:
Depending on your theme, you might feel the space between the “Add To Cart”  button and the widget is too big or too small, or the gap between the widget and the content is too big or too small, and you’d like to adjust it.

Theme gap

Center aligned

This gap is controlled by your theme (and we call it “Theme gap“), and can only be adjusted by adjusting your theme’s CSS.

To adjust this gap:

  1. From your Messenger dashboard, click the “Messenger Widget” “Edit” button
  2. Adjust the “Margin Top” and “Margin Bottom” to adjust theme gap
  3. Click “Save & Exit” button

Theme gap

There is no on-size-fits-all for this. If you need help with this, let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a hand!

Positioning outside the Add To Cart button

This code will only work inside the Add To Cart  submit form action code – which places it pretty close to the Add To Cart  button.

For example, if you try to put it in the footer, it will not work. It can only work within the form action code of the Add To Cart button.

How do I offer discounts?

If you are using the discount widget, you’ll need to create a discount from Shopify. Similarly as we recommend, if you offer a discount as an incentive for your customers to come back and complete the order, you’ll need to create the discounts.

This article walks you through this process.

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